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Tuesday Tip: Learn By Watching

The Tuesday Tip is where I share some interesting online resources that can help you build your business faster and reach more customers.

I’ve had a few free videos scuttle across the edges of my short attention span in the last week that managed to make me sit straighter in my chair.  One was from Jon Morrow and the other was for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula product.

Both of these guys are in their pre-launch product sequence, so they are building up some excitement by releasing free content to get you interested hoping you will buy at the end.  What I love about this stuff is that there is a lot to learn just by watching what the big guys do, and then applying those nuggets that they give out for free in your own business.

I admit that I’m a digital product junkie, but I’m currently on a diet.  So I’ll soak up as much as I can from the free stuff provided.

None of this stuff is affiliate links, because I haven’t bought either product (and that is a prerequisite for anything I recommend to you).  I’ve heard great stuff about both.  But I’m watching the videos, you better bet.

Here’s the links if you’d like to watch and learn too:

GuestBlogging: Jon is going into the nuts and bolts of how you can dramatically increase your online visibility and traffic by using the rather simple strategy of guestblogging.

Product Launch Formula: Jeff Walker is a product launch guru.  His PLF product is a big ticket item, but there are a ton of well-known and respected online marketers out there that say it was well worth the price of admission.  You can decide.

If you do watch either one of these videos, I'd love to hear more about how you think you can apply some of their suggestions in your own business, so post a comment below!