Tuesday Tip: Want A Shortcut To Make Your Videos More Relevant?

I have a frightening thought every time I want to share a video:

"I hope they watch long enough to get to the good stuff."

I'm sharing the video for a reason- usually entertainment or educational value.  But if you check out before you catch my reason, you may think I’m silly for sharing it.  You miss my point and that makes me look bad.

Attention spans are short, and I know if I don’t see the value in a video within the first few seconds I’m likely move onto something else.   And my guess is that you're a lot like me. Conventional social media wisdom says that anything over 3 minutes these days is too long.

So how can you ensure your audience watches long enough to see how incredibly wise you are in sharing that amazing piece of content?

Enter Blipsnips.

Instead of having to add more commentary about the video in a text format,you can tag relevant places or people within the video.   That means that when you share it, your friends/readers can jump right to the good stuff.

Here’s an example with a video I posted in last week's Tuesday Tip:

You can blipsnip with public YouTube videos or even your own video content.

It is this simple:

  1. Create a Blipsnips account
  2. Copy/paste the YouTube URL or load your video content to the site
  3. Watch the video and create your tags
  4. Click “Share” to save
  5. Copy/paste the embeddable URL anywhere you choose

Viola!  You’ve put your audience in the driver’s seat.  Hopefully with the rest of your message you’ve given them a reason to watch the whole thing, but worst case they have the cliff notes.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Reader Comments (2)

Very cool - thanks for sharing this!! I haven't done a lot of video, although I do have some out there - and thinking about adding more. Love the concept behind this - and how you can highlight what you see as most important in a video.

March 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLance

Hi Lance- nice to see you! I am branching out more into video as well, and it is quite a bit of fun. I'm looking forward to adding more of it this year, and thought Blipsnips was a great find to help ensure I had a concise message. :) Thanks for the comment!

March 25, 2011 | Registered CommenterChristy Smith

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