I Want to Use Facebook- Now What?

In talking with business owners about different social media tools, Facebook is the one that quickly bubbles to the top of their "need to know" list.  People want to how to use it and use it effectively.  The last thing you want is to have a potential customer stumble onto your Facebook page only to find the last post was 6 months ago, and you only have 10 fans.

Your Facebook page is a place to engage your customers in fun, fresh ways.  Be it running a contest or getting feedback on your latest product launch, it should be the place where you are actively exchanging ideas and content with your fans.

The best thing about Facebook pages is that it is relatively simply to get up and running on your own.  Check out this post on Squidoo for a comprehensive tutorial on everything you needed to know to set up your page and get started  (and it has screenshots for those of you who like to have the visual backup too).

Happy Facebooking!

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